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[plamo:30865] bind差し替えました。

  名倉 です。

  bind-9.7.2_P2-i586-P1.tgz を bind-9.7.2_P3-i586-P1.tgz に

 # cat CHANGES
        --- 9.7.2-P3 released ---

 2973.   [bug]           bind.keys.h was being removed by the "make clean"
                         at the end of configure resulting in build failures
                         where there is very old version of perl installed.
                         Move it to "make maintainer-clean". [RT #22230]

 2972.   [bug]           win32: address windows socket errors. [RT #21906]

 2971.   [bug]           Fixed a bug that caused journal files not to be
                         compacted on Windows systems as a result of
                         non-POSIX-compliant rename() semantics. [RT #22434]

 2970.   [security]      Adding a NO DATA negative cache entry failed to clear
                         any matching RRSIG records.  A subsequent lookup of
                         of NO DATA cache entry could trigger a INSIST when the
                         unexpected RRSIG was also returned with the NO DATA
                         cache entry.

                         CVE-2010-3613, VU#706148. [RT #22288]

 2969.   [security]      Fix acl type processing so that allow-query works
                         in options and view statements.  Also add a new
                         set of tests to verify proper functioning.

                         CVE-2010-3615, VU#510208. [RT #22418]

 2968.   [security]      Named could fail to prove a data set was insecure
                         before marking it as insecure.  One set of conditions
                         that can trigger this occurs naturally when rolling
                         DNSKEY algorithms.

                         CVE-2010-3614, VU#837744. [RT #22309]

        --- 9.7.2-P2 released ---

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