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[plamo:28074] Plamo 4.2x 用Heimdal-0.8.1


Heimdal 0.8.1 がリリースされました。0.8 が出てすぐマイナーフィクスがありました。
下記に Plamo-4.2x 用のパッケージを置きました。


Changes in release 0.8.1

* Make ASN.1 library less paranoid to with regard to NUL in string to
  make it inter-operate with MIT Kerberos again.

* Make GSS-API library work again when using gss_acquire_cred

* Add symbol versioning to libgssapi when using GNU ld.

* Fix memory leaks

* Bugs fixes

Changes in release 0.8

* PK-INIT support.

* HDB extensions support, used by PK-INIT.

* New ASN.1 compiler.

* GSS-API mechglue from FreeBSD.

* Updated SPNEGO to support RFC4178.

* Support for Cryptosystem Negotiation Extension (RFC 4537).

* A new X.509 library (hx509) and related crypto functions.

* A new ntlm library (heimntlm) and related crypto functions.

* Updated the built-in crypto library with bignum support using
  imath, support for RSA and DH and renamed it to libhcrypto.

* Subsystem in the KDC, digest, that will perform the digest
  operation in the KDC, currently supports: CHAP, MS-CHAP-V2, SASL

* KDC will return the "response too big" error to force TCP retries
  for large (default 1400 bytes) UDP replies.  This is common for
  PK-INIT request.

* Libkafs defaults to use 2b tokens.

* Default to use the API cache on Mac OS X.

* krb5_kuserok() also checks ~/.k5login.d directory for acl files,
  see manpage for krb5_kuserok for description.

* Many, many, other update to code and info manual and manual pages.

* Bug fixes


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