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[plamo:28373] linux-が出ています。

 名倉 です。


 Summary of changes from v2.4.35 to v2.4.35.1

 Marc Haisenko (1):
      b44: fix force mac address before ifconfig up

 Willy Tarreau (9):
      build fix for lvm with gcc 4
      fix wdt83627 build breakage with gcc 4.x
      wdt83627: fix wdt_init() return code
      module fdomain_cs requires fdomain_setup()
      do not use gcc's builtin strpbrk
      fix incorrect use of -fno-unit-at-a-time on GCC >= 4
      second build fix for some rare buggy versions of GCC 4
      CVE-2007-3848 Privilege escalation via PR_SET_PDEATHSIG
      Change VERSION to

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