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[plamo:29547] xine-lib-アップロードしました。

  名倉 です。

  なんとなくDistro Watchを眺めていたらxine-libが更新されていましたので

  xine-lib ( 2009-02-10
   * Build fixes related to ImageMagick 6.4 & later.
   * Fix an error in Matroska PTS calculation.
   * Some front ends hang due to the hang fixes in 1.1.16. Fix this by
     removing a break statement.
   * Fix broken size checks in various input plugins (ref. CVE-2008-5239).
   * More malloc checking (ref. CVE-2008-5240).
   * Fix race conditions in gapless_switch (ref. kde bug #180339)
   * Fix a possible integer overflow in the 4XM demuxer. (TKADV2009-004.txt)

  xine-lib ( 2009-01-11
   * Fix build with older ffmpeg, both internal and in Debian 5.0.
   * Add version check for CACA library and disable CACA plugin if needed
   * Fix playback of some H.264 files (broken in 1.1.16).
   * Various other build & bug fixes.
   * Some FAQ list updates.

  xine-lib (1.1.16) 2009-01-07
   * Security fixes:
    - Heap overflow in Quicktime atom parsing.                 (CVE-2008-5234)
    - Multiple buffer overflows.                               (CVE-2008-5236)
    - Multiple integer overflows.                              (CVE-2008-5237)
    - Unchecked or incompletely-checked read function results. (CVE-2008-5239)
    - Unchecked malloc using untrusted values.  (CVE-2008-5240, CVE-2008-5242)
    - Integer underflow in qt compressed atom handling.        (CVE-2008-5241)
    - Buffer indexing using untrusted or unchecked values.     (CVE-2008-5243)
    - Integer overflows in the ffmpeg audio decoder and the CDDA server.
    - Heap buffer overflow in the ffmpeg video decoder.
    - Avoid segfault on invalid track type in Matroska files.
    - Avoid underflow (compressed atoms) in the Qt demuxer.
   * Fix reported compilation failures (with C++ programs).
   * Fix CDDB access in 64-bit builds.
   * Fix seeking FLV clips that don't specify the movie length in the headers.
   * Support H.264 and AAC streams within FLV.
   * Fix timing issues (broken audio) on mingw.
   * Add ID3 tag TDRC to replace/complement the deprecated tag TYER.
   * Add a new meta-tag, "Composer", and use it in the FLAC demuxer.
   * Correct AAC channel ordering for multi-channel audio, at least for FLAC
     when using ALSA or PulseAudio. (Needs a proper fix.)
   * Add position-based seeking independent from seekpoints.
   * Fix some XCB Xv attribute configuration breakage.
   * Add a configuration option for Xv bicubic filtering, implemented in
     xf86-video-ati 6.9.1.
   * Recognise Xv "blitter" adaptors for port selection purposes.
     NOTE: you will need to remove ~/.xine/catalog.cache when upgrading from
           xine-lib 1.1.15 or older if you wish to use this extra option.
   * Fix MMS media requests where the URI contains %-encoded characters.
   * Fix two hangs related to stopping playback of broken audio streams where
     no audio data is sent to the output thread.
   * Fix WAV demuxer to send the last frames when they don't fit perfectly into
     the buffer

  xine-lib (1.1.15) 2008-08-14
   * Security fixes:


  Plamo-4.51RC1 01_minimum + 02_x11 linux-  qvwm mpeg
    Plamo-4.51β3 01_minimum + 02_x11 linux- qvwm mpeg DVD で表示は確認しました。    

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