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[plamo:27311] linux-2.4.33-rc1が出ています。

  名倉 です。


   Summary of changes from v2.4.33-pre3 to v2.4.33-rc1

  Jean Delvare:
      scx200_acb: Fix resource name use after free
      i2c: Delete 2 out-of-date, colliding ioctl defines

  Jesper Juhl:
      fix mem-leak in netfilter

  Kirill Korotaev:
      [NETFILTER]: Fix possible overflow in netfilters do_replace()

  Marcelo Tosatti:
      Contact information update
      Vadim Egorov: ext3 link/unlink race
      Fix vfs_unlink issue introduced by link/unlink race correction
      Merge master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net-2.4
      Update VERSION to v2.4.33-rc1

  Olaf Kirch:
      smbfs chroot issue (CVE-2006-1864)

  Patrick McHardy:
      [NETFILTER]: SNMP NAT: fix memory corruption

  Pradeep Vincent:
      Neighbour Cache (ARP) State machine bug Fixed

  Sergei Shtylyov:
      AMD Au1xx0: fix ethernet TX stats

  Shaun Tancheff:
      USB: Gadget RNDIS fix alloc bug. (buffer overflow)

  Sridhar Samudrala:
      [SCTP]: Fix state table entries for chunks received in CLOSED state. (CVE-2006-2271)
      [SCTP]: Fix panic's when receiving fragmented SCTP control chunks. (CVE-2006-2272)

  Stephen Hemminger:
      [IPV4]: ip_route_input panic fix (CVE-2006-1525)

  Theodore Ts'o:
      Fix memory leak when the ext3's journal file is corrupted

  Vladislav Yasevich:
      [SCTP]: Prevent possible infinite recursion with multiple bundled DATA. (CVE-2006-2274)

  Willy TARREAU:
      fix /proc/partitions display with USB-FDD geometry
      Merge branch 'origin'
      fix /proc/partitions display with USB-FDD geometry
      ext2: update inode ctime on rename()
      bonding: remove a warning with gcc 3
      block: remove the annoying 'blk: queue %p I/O limit %luMb' messages
      scripts : ver_linux does not report recent binutils version
      3c59x: reload EEPROM values at rmmod for needy cards
      netdrv: fix b44 loading after bcm4400
      netdrv: b44 driver must ignore carrier lost errors
      drm: gcc complains that print_heap() in radeon_mem.c is not used.
      ide: trying to enable DMA may cause an oops
      Merge branch 'updates'
      JBD: avoid panic on corrupted journal superblock (from akpm)

  Willy Tarreau:
      forcedeth update to 0.50

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