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[plamo:30552] Re: USBメモリとNTFSのマウント(was Re: 別件)


>>> On Fri, 02 Apr 2010 15:23:12 +0900
    in message   "[plamo:30551] Re: USBメモリとNTFSのマウント (was  Re: 	別件)"
                  KATOH Yasufumi-san wrote:

> NTFS の Write って以前は Experimental だったけど,今 Plamo のカーネル
> の設定見てみたら "NTFS write support" は y になってますね.

# 某所でご指摘を.:-)

linux カーネルのソースの fs/ntfs/Kconfig を見ると (カーネル再構築時の
| The only supported operation is overwriting existing files, without
| changing the file length.  No file or directory creation, deletion or
| renaming is possible.  Note only non-resident files can be written to
| so you may find that some very small files (<500 bytes or so) cannot
| be written to.

あと Documentation/filesystems/ntfs.txt にも色々書かれてますね (読んで
ません ^^;)

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